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{Advice Offered} - Connectivity From Win95 To NT Server 4.0

To begin with, make sure that the error in question is really a WMI error. You can also use Peer Web Services to develop and test content and applications for Windows NT Server Internet Information Server without requiring that you run the Windows NT Server operating The optimum Exchange Server configuration will have a combination of a hardware Raid 5 disk array and RAID 1 (Mirrored) disks sets. To do so, install Exchange Server 4.0 Service Pack 2 or higher according to the instructions.

You must use the proper browser (such as Internet Explorer) to use these Internet servers. Point to Administrative Tools and then click Active Directory Users and Computers. Then select Properties from that menu to display Taskbar Properties and check the Auto hide box. You also agree that your personal information may be transferred and processed in the United States, and that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy

If you're adding a printer that's connected to your Windows NT server via a parallel or serial port, mark the check box next to the appropriate port, click Next, and skip Local Rules Local groups can be used only if the Exchange servers are in the same site and the servers are Domain Controllers within the same Windows NT domain. If you're using the TCP/IP stack and trying to access Windows NT Server resources in a routed network environment, make sure that you've specified a WINS server address in the client's

If you can’t find any errors in the log files, you might need to reset the logging level for the logs. In fact, video drivers aren't written to be stable; they're written to be fast and to crank out a lot of WinMarks or Winstones or whatever the graphic benchmark du jour Next, add two keys of type REG_SZ named "LegalNoticeCaption" and "LegalNoticeText" to act as the dialog title and body respectively. You can elect to install TCP/IP, instead of or in addition to NetBEUI or IPX, in step 9.

The following steps describe how to install the Network Client v3.0 for DOS and Windows on a Windows 3.1 client PC: You must install the client software from DOS, so exit For authentication by your Windows NT server, the default logon name is the user name of your server account. On Intel-based systems, enter d:\i386, where d: is the CD-ROM drive letter. For each network interface that appears in the Adapter drop-down list, you choose the AppleTalk Phase 2 network number and the default zone.

You can verify that name resolution isn't the problem by issuing the following command from the Start menu's Run command line: net view\\servername. Screen 3 shows the Network Monitor included in NT Server 4.0. Also make sure that your server is running the network protocol that you've installed on your client. It allows you to create a virtual private network (VPN) on the Internet.

The Windows 95 version can be found on the Windows 2000 CD, in the CLIENTSWIN9X folder, and can be downloaded from Microsoft. Click Add Adapter to open the Add Network Adapter dialog, and select the adapter driver installed in the client PC (see fig. 11.17). Confirm the directory, enter administrative account data in the resulting dialog, and click on OK. Why does my script run on one version of Windows but not on another?  The "Tales from the Script" column on TechNetBasic and intermediate scripting topics. It's used to install and uninstall compatible software and system options (such as the Windows Messaging e-mail client, Internet Explorer Web browser, and Peer Web Server-all of which are included on If Win95 is already installed, make sure your hard disk has an uncompressed partition with at least 150MB free, and install NT in a separate directory. (Installing NT in the same By the way, that utility is actually upgraded during Exchange Server's installation to support the on-line backup of Exchange.

no.ISSN 0010-4841Yayınlayan: IDG EnterpriseFor more than 40 years, Computerworld has been the leading source of technology news and information for IT influencers worldwide. NT 4.0 simplifies installing applications to several machines, thanks to two utilities: sysdiff and rollback. On Windows 2000 you can still retrieve performance data; however, because this data appears in “uncooked” format you must then format the data yourself to get useful values for most counters. have a peek at these guys Creating a \clients folder is one of the options of the Share Network Client Installation Files dialog.

Click the Change button to open the Identification Changes dialog and enter the new domain name you want to join (see fig. 11.26). 11.26 Joining the Windows NT Server domain in Restart WfWg to load the updated network applications and drivers. Windows 95/98/ME and NT 4.0 clients aren't supported by Active Directory, and so workstations with those operating systems are left out in the cold, so to speak, with only the most

Setup Manager asks you questions about how to set up your computer, and then generates a setup script.

If, however, you want to use Network Monitor to examine traffic moving between machine X and machine Y, you can't do that with the version that ships with NT 4.0 Server, Windows NT 4.0 clients need to use the NT administrative templates (.ADM files), and NT 4.0 System Policy Editor (POLEDIT.EXE) files; Windows 95 and 98 clients need to be managed manually Table 35.1 compares Peer Web Services and Internet Information Server. To add these names and addresses, you use the new DNS manager.

Generated Wed, 01 Feb 2017 05:08:27 GMT by s_hp87 (squid/3.5.23) Start by checking the IRQ settings for the problem card in Control Panel. Step 3: With the MOF stored in the repository, use the following script to get at the data. If I try to PING, my computer uses DNS to get the IP address for

Depending on your Internet service provider, you might need to make some modifications to your security settings, as described in the next section. Note that you should update your emergency diskette after installing new software or updating user accounts. Delegation scenarios are dealt with under Why does my remote operation fail when it involves a third machine? NT 4.0's UI definition now includes third-party video and print drivers as trusted parts of the OS.

You can improve efficiency of connections to frequently accessed servers on the Internet by adding entries to your HOSTS file. Open the volume's folder to display the AppleShare folder. New Technology A No-RISC Offer Users who run NT 4.0 on RISC-based systems (Digital Alpha, Mips or PowerPC) will be pleased to learn that Microsoft has found a way for you Windows NT starts the AppleTalk network protocol and opens the Microsoft AppleTalk Protocol Properties sheet (see fig. 11.32).

To connect to printer resources, open Print Manager from the Main program group. The Macintosh clients connect to the network printer through the Chooser, as is the case for all Macintosh printing operations. For example, NET HELP VIEW gives help on the NET VIEW command. To install the workstation into the domain, start Control Panel's Network tool as described in step 1.

The easiest way to provide Windows 3.1+ clients with connectivity to Windows NT 4.0 servers is to upgrade the client PCs from Windows 3.1+ to Windows for Workgroups 3.11. Newer servers on the Internet now have graphical interfaces and present information and services to Internet users by using hypertext documents. Windows NT Server's SfM provides support for networked AppleTalk printers. Security SettingsWhen you connect to the Internet service provider, some form of logon or authentication occurs.

Once you've created all the policies you need, save the file. The Add Printer Wizard will appear. The Root of the Matter Any errors that occur during the Exchange Server installation can be tracked though the SETUP.LOG file. To get your desk-top back, click New Task and type in explorer.exe.

For example, suppose Computer B sends a request to a remote file share located on Computer C.

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