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{Advice Offered} - Converting NT4.0 Standalone To PDC

Ahh thus is the life of an Admin, Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Voyager1 (IS/IT--Management) 7 Dec 01 08:24 It's easier to convert from a domain controller to a member server in Win2K. How do I install Service Pack 3?

A. What RAID levels does NT Server Support? this content

Restrict access to network resources, available drive letters, and the ability to map drives in the Windows Explorer. Does game x work with NT 4.0? It is also the > > PDC. Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP run many popular Windows 98 and Windows Me applications out of the box and support many more with Application Compatibility Updates, which are available from

You need to change the now-incorrect service account information for all services that use domain user accounts to log on. only a handful of users login via serverC AD... I have set a drive to no access, now no-one can access it.

Originally the new OS was to be called OS/2 NT. How do I create a Mirror Set (RAID 1)? For Value Name, type LMCompatibilityLevel and then click OK. How can I redirect the output from a command to a file?

Specify the location of various shared folders on the Start menu, including the Startup folder, allowing you to ensure that particular applications are always launched at logon. How do I give my tape drive a letter so it is visible from explorer? How many connections can NT have? The idea was that the new OS would be written in a high level language (such as C) so it would be more portable.

Microsoft hired Dave Cutler (who also designed

How do I install MSN under NT? No user-writeable directories, such as their temporary directory and profile directory, should ever be part of the default search path. For ease of use, the Trey IT staff installed the SCM on their personal workstations, where it can be run against any of the computers running Windows NT 4.0 in their How do I disable mouse detection on a COM port (for UPS usage)?

Rename the Administrator account to something that is not obvious (using the Local Policies | Security Options | Change Administrator account name to setting), then create a decoy account named Administrator These templates can cause problems with older applications that depend on file system or registry permissions or user rights assignments. Setting the NTLM Authentication Level This procedure explains how to configure the level of NTLM authentication used on your domain controllers. This means that if you are creating a new Active Directory domain, you must manually create trusts with existing Windows NT domains.

I hope steps 2 to 4 could be accomplished in one weekend, with time for a disaster recovery if problems occur. How do I add a user? I have installed TCP/IP, what steps should I use to verify the setup is correct? For more information see Knowledge Base Article Q124594 Q.

Furthermore, the same application is installed differently depending on the operating system involved. WoodLark (Programmer) (OP) 21 Jul 00 11:02 MasterRacker's suggestion is the best I've heard so far.We have found a commercial software product that claims to be able to change between DC's You can either force synchronization or let it sit for 24 hours (best bet) then promote the new BDC to PDC, and demote your original PDC to BDC and eventually wipe Can I run NTBACKUP from the command line?

For example, with it you can: Build security templates that specify auditing, user rights, and security settings for computers running Windows NT. One has been running SBS 2000 for >>>>> several years with no problems & I am delighted with it. >>>>> >>>>> At the 2nd site (recently aquired) I have inherited 3 You can control this through the following registry entries: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\ CurrentVersion\Winlogon\AutoAdminLogon HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\ CurrentVersion\Winlogon\DefaultPassword There is no potential impact for user-mode applications.

How to upgrade to PDC if the server is initially set as a Stand-Alone-Server?

System policies require up to two logons and logoffs in order to ensure that system policies are being located, downloaded, and applied. Same as above .. Then use explorer to goto %SystemRoot%\HOTFIX\HF00?? Well you lost me here because this isn't consistent with how you started out.

How do I install Service Pack 3? law on exporting cryptographic software has changed. How can I backup the Master Boot Record? check my blog Good to see you back here though, been on vacation?

Alternativly, Could I retire the two old BDCs, leave the old PDC in its own domain, but set identical user names & passwords on the SBS 2003 server. How do I change my Soundcards Settings (IRQ)? How do I create a new folder as part of the Dfs? Windows 98 and Windows Me WDM drivers often work fine on Windows XP systems, but avoid them on servers for stability reasons—drivers are a leading cause of system crashes.

Because secure channel signing affects all clients in the domain, as well as clients in trusting domains, think carefully before enabling this feature. How many user accounts can I have in one Domain?

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