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{Advice Offered} - Moving WINNT 4 Folder

The file will open using the newly selected application--assuming that application can open the file. You can also adjust other UI items within this dialog box as well! The copy can also fail if the NetWare server doesn't have Packet Burst turned on and Packet Burst is enabled on Windows NT. WHAT IS MY CD KEY?

Rename the folder to the following and hit enter: DUN.{992CFFA0-F557-101A-88EC-00DD010CCC48} If you now want to start DialUpNetwork select Start, DUN, right mouse click and choose open. Saving results into an archive: you can build your own database that can be viewed offline. Watch Dog network services monitor, Internet Watch Dog can monitor a virtually unlimited number of services on your TCP/IP network and notify of alarm conditions. 30 day trial. An alternate solution to set for new systems is by using an unattended installation, make the sShortDate change as part of the CMDLINES.TXT setup.

Synchronize the internal clock with internet time servers. To reduce the amount of disk access time devoted to paging, we recommend that you make more memory available to applications by adding physical RAM to your system and removing any Choose Copy Here. LS-Tools Freeware-Tools for NT ln.exe : Creates a hardlink on a NTFS drive.

You can change the extension and name them winnt.old and winnt256.old. Remember to back up your Registry before making any manual changes. Editing is performed on the Registry Tool Database first; it is an OPTION to have Registry Tool edit the Windows Registry. You look for the file but it's not there, or it is there but you can't delete it: "Access Denied." Access deined!

For each tip, simply double-click on the tip and replace the text in the String field with the messages that you want to appear. I use the unix standard of setting the pagefile to 2xRAM but at least set it to RAM+12MB. page fault in Apitrap.dll or Kernel32.dll caused by explorer NOT! So if you get an abnormal shutdown, you can lose the icon position. Give the share the same name as its user's username, but add a dollar sign to the end, as in Eric$ This will hide the share from view in Network Neighborhood.

Make sure the NNTP protocol is enabled by checking the properties of the NNTP node of the Protocol sub-node under Configuration. Click the Performance tab in the System Properties dialog box, then click the Change button. GIVE YOUR HOME DRIVE A LETTER Longtime NetWare users switching to an NT server may miss the MAP ROOT command, which allows you to assign a drive letter to your server-based System running low on resources?

Creates new home directories & shares on the target server and moves all user data as well. The Scheduled Tasks icon can be removed by editing the registry as follows: 1, Start the registry editor (regedit.exe) 2, Move to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MyComputer\NameSpace 3, Select {D6277990-4C6A-11CF-8D87-00AA0060F5BF} 4, This step is optional Note: Windows NT 4.0 knows already about the new end of daylight saving time in germany. Click OK to close the value edit dialog. 10,Close the registry editor The NoRun setting disables viewing local files by typing a file address or URL (for example, "file://d:\") in the

IPTCExt also adds pages to the property sheet for jpeg files that allows you to edit IPTC data for one or multiple files. news Works under Windows 95/98/NT/2000. The default DOS prompt is: diskletter:\directoryname>, example: C:\WINDOWS>. Prevent creating admin shares on system startup [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters] "AutoShareWks"=dword:00000001 00000001 creating hidden and ADMIN$-share on system startup 00000000 prevent creating admin shares on system startup How to Run Control Panel Tools

The problem is that QuickView may not do you much good with some files. from Explorer's View menu. DISCONNECT IDLE USERS (contributed by John W. As usual, be careful when editing the Registry.

Double-click Default and enter "NOTEPAD %1" (without the quotes). Move your data and apps to the new partition. USB support for NT4 There is no built in support for USB in Windows NT 4.0.

You say you have only one printer?

Also, note that your computer may not have all of the tools listed in this article, as your Windows installation may not include all of these components. To stop the ability to view local drives from Internet Explorer perform the following: 1, Start the registry editor (regedit.exe) 2, Move to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer 3, From the Edit menu select New Some software that you use with Windows 95 may have been written specifically for that operating system and may not run in Windows NT. You have Win98 and want to dual boot with NT but can't convert because primary partition is FAT32.

This feature enables you to edit Registry backups, build "profiles" of installed components, maintain non networked registries, and create custom Registry Tool Databases containing specific keys and values for custom restores. When the Printers window opens, use the right mouse button to drag the printer to the desktop. However, using the Repair Disk Utility to create an ERD won't help you repair a damaged Security Accounts Manager (SAM) database unless you run the utility with the /S parameter. SystemTools Exporter Standalone command-line utility for exporting users, groups, group members, services, computers, disk space, and printers (in any combination) from any or all computers on any Windows NT/Windows 2000 domain.

You can create this folder from any location in the C:\WINNT\PROFILES section, and you can make the folder available to either everyone on your network or only administrators. PGP Freeware NT command-line security utilities Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Software Collections Compatible to Windows NT Xteq Systems freeware utilities Particularly checkout x-setup which is the ultimate tool Explorer doesn't copy files that it doesn't display. Click Close, you can also start the service from the command line by entering the command C:\> net start clipsrvr or C:\> net start "clipbook server".

For removable media(floppy, CDROM) you must have the media in the drive to move to it. In the User Rights Policy window, choose the Shut down the system option in the Right dropdown list and choose the Everyone group in the Grant to box. Now click Stop to stop the Server service. If this is a problem you have had with AT, uninstall Task Scheduler and use the Schedule service (atsvc.exe) instead.

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