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{Advice Offered} - Windows 2000 Shutdown Problem

These are detailed below where known. He wanted to share this tip with others (thanks, Y.). You must then assign a string of data to the key that tells Windows the number of milliseconds to wait on a service before timing out. If you experience this problem, be sure to close all running programs before attempting shutdown and see if this solves your problem. this content

Content is segmented into Channels and Topic Centers. I list them here as part of the ongoing data collection. Go to the Creatix support page and click on V.90 HAM (internal) at right. So the computer sits there 10 minutes before continuing with its shutdown. (Reference: MSKB Q311787.) MISMATCHED RAM. This Site

Double-click to expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers. All rights reserved. Causes Win XP to hang at shutdown. As a workaround, newsgroup correspondent "lou" resolved this problem by dismantling the Windows XP logon Welcome screen.

Restoring all BIOS power settings to default will likely fix it. (Tip from Kelly Theriot) Sometimes, not all appropriate Registry settings are made when you enable all the right power management SHUTDOWN PROBLEMS IN WINDOWS 9x. Restoring all BIOS power settings to default will likely fix it. (Tip from Kelly Theriot) Sometimes, not all appropriate Registry settings are made when you enable all the right power CHANGE NTFS TO FAT32?

Doing so will likely make the system more compatible with the Windows shutdown procedure. A general reminder of a great general tip: You will get the best results if all RAM in a particular computer matches in all respects! When you close all Office programs, this module stays active. check my blog SOLUTION: Manually enable ACPI during a Win XP install or reinstall.

For example, there were quite a few shutdown issues identified in NT 3.x that didn't survive to NT 4.0. This module provides the Alternate Language Bar and provides text input service support for speech recognition, handwriting recognition, keyboard, translation, and other alternative user input technologies. In researching known causes of shutdown problems in earlier versions of NT-family operating systems, most of what I found referred to problems that were resolved in later versions. Good advice on a variation of the above comes from correspondent Attila Szabadkai.

In the Control Panel, click User Accounts, then click "Change the way users log on or off." Uncheck the box that says "Use the Welcome screen." This removes the initial logon If you are running this after Win XP is already installed, choose the Repair option. Try enabling it and see if this resolves the powerdown problem (Tip from Terri Stratton). Type shutdown troubleshooter, press Enter, and select Startup and Shutdown Troubleshooter (see FIGURE 1FIGURE 1: When Windows won't shut down, turn to the Startup and Shutdown Troubleshooter first.).

It would probably be worth trying the firmware update for the DVR-106 as well, though I have no reports from anyone as to whether this solves the shutdown problem. news Because this patch is scheduled for further quality assurance testing in the future, Microsoft only recommends that you install it if you have a serious problem; otherwise, they recommend waiting for Double-click USB Root Hub. If you really have a hardware inability to powerdown, these won’t solve it; but for some other underlying causes of powerdown failures, they just might.

This was originally reported on the Chaintech 6ATA2, and confirmed on other VIA Apollo Pro 133 boards. (Tips from "Zef," The Netherlands, & Robert Lin) Toshiba laptop (model not specified). The fastest way to do this is with the "Disable AutoRun" Registry patch that you can download here. Problems of Windows XP not powering off nor going into standyby were solved by uninstalling (then reinstalling) the Toshiba Power Saver software and Toshiba Hotkey for Display Devices. have a peek at these guys For additional Windows shutdown tricks, browse to "Make Windows Start and Stop the Way You Want" to check out last month's Windows Tips column.Failed ShutdownsIf Windows won't shut down at all,

These two hints intrigued me in light of a seemingly dissociated shutdown problem reportedly occurring in Win ME only immediately after a defrag. If this windows doesn’t appear at this point, you need to start over and do more pressing of F6 and F5! Please follow sensible Registry editing protocol.

In Windows XP, click Settings under 'Startup and Recovery', uncheck Automatically restart, and click OK twice.

SHUTDOWN WORKS, BUT IT’S REAL SLOW If it appears that Win XP is not shutting down, give it some time. Roxio's Video Pack 5 causes the same problem because it contains includes the main parts of Easy CD 5. You can force the critical Registry setting with the “ShutMeDown” Registry patch. Deleting the file solved the problem.

Correspondent “Curiefleas” wrote that his reboot-on-shutdown problem was solved when he used a third party partitioning program to convert his NTFS partition to FAT32. Generally, this is a consequence of software that is running when shutdown is attempted. Some of its steps may be found to apply to Windows XP as well, though many will not. check my blog Sometimes Windows takes an extremely long time to close, and too often the operating system doesn't shut down at all.

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