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Calculator Batch File Code


Time shown: 32 seconds; that's exactly 1024 digits/sec (not very fast). set /p no1="num1. " echo + set /p no2="num2. " set /a sum=no1+no2 echo ------------ echo %sum% echo. There is no pre-defined constant for PI, so you need to hardcode that into the batchfile: set PI=3.14159 yourProgram.exe %PI% share|improve this answer answered May 4 '11 at 17:21 a_horse_with_no_name 201k27255334 echo Cal'C Ver 0.2 echo.

if !PrintDigit! What is the point of a borderless fullscreen window? lss 0 ( call :Subtract %1 AR_Term ) else ( call :Add %1 AR_Term ) call :Compare AR_EqualFlag %1 AR_PrevSum if !AR_EqualFlag! == true goto :EOF set /a AR_K += 2 lss 0 ( set /a PiEngineFactor *= -1 set Formula=!Formula!

Calculator Batch File Code

call :MultiplyByInteger PiTerm !PiEngineFactor! Type 'M' to goto main set /p open= if %open%== I start if %open%== i start if %open%== m goto main if %open%== M goto main goto main Gud Pagliarulo (Email only: [email protected]) Download: (only 44kb) Read: QuickPi.txt A Win 32 console program for i386 or above (PC) computers.

Number of digits: 50 100 200 500 1000 How it works I am writing a high-precision math library for JavaScript, called BigMath.js. reply many thanks for your Submitted by MAlmasry on Mon, 22/04/2013 - 23:11 many thanks for your information. Hot Network Questions What is the small metal square attached to the wheel or tire? Recipe Batch Calculator Program usage: qpi [digits] [-2|-e|-a|-s|-b] Steve included the other Pi methods for verification or comparison purposes, the default (Chudnovsky) is always the fastest of the four!

I agree, this is harsh in ways, but can you also see the good in it?Thanks....
I have edited the mistakes...great tutorial..More CommentsAbout This Instructable 6,076views2favoritesLicense:code sourceFollow15More by code source:Add instructable Batch Calculator With Decimals lss 100 ( if !PrintDigit! On the other hand, most would agree that it's one of the simplest Pi programs for a user to run; so perhaps it should be called 'Easy_Pi' instead. 2) pi-AGM (Arithmetic Is there a way to just make a temp file (like vbs) or call on another program (like calculator) to do the calculation and return it back to the batch file?

Automate your first grade counting exercise What do you call a person who is utterly independent and a loner? Batch Addition The following pic shows a full run to calculate just 32,768 digits ( the 32K choice) on a 100MHz PC. reply Add new comment Your name * Comment * More information about text formats Text format Filtered HTMLPlain text Filtered HTMLWeb page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.Search Engines What is a Patty Code?

Batch Calculator With Decimals

echo ///////////////////////////////////// echo Your previous Calulated number was %sum% echo //////////////////////////////////// echo. After reading Carey Bloodworth's comments about Windows 95/98 for calculating Pi, I found out why very few Pi programmers ever bother using the Windows OS (with API functions to draw windows, Calculator Batch File Code call :Subtract Pi PiTerm set Operator=- ) else ( call :MultiplyByInteger PiTerm %1 call :Add Pi PiTerm set Operator=+ ) if defined Formula ( set Formula=!Formula! !Operator! !PiEngineFactor!*arctan^(1/%2^) ) else ( Arithmetic Operations In Batch File After clicking OK in that window, a 'confirmation' box will pop up.

Is it true that none of the cast knew what to expect in the famous "chestburster scene" in Alien? No matter, there are always ways around... Not the answer you're looking for? Why are there no battle tactics among groups of wizards or witches? Batch Size Calculator

Browse other questions tagged batch-file calculator temporary-files running-other-programs or ask your own question. On my old 100MHz machine, I got the following times when calculating 524,288 digits of Pi:default (Chudnovsky brother's Equ.) = 83.29 seconds -a (Gauss-Legendre AGM) = 170.61 seconds -s (Brent-Salamin AGM) You can use it to do some maths. ::vbs.bat @echo off >"%temp%\VBS.vbs" echo Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") : Wscript.echo (%*) cscript /nologo "%temp%\VBS.vbs" del "%temp%\VBS.vbs" The first command prints an ascii navigate here Also, stating that this is version 0.1 is suggesting that this is still in BETA form.

Is riding Roach actually faster than running? Batch Programming Depending on your browser and your computer's processing speed, choosing a large number of digits may cause a warning that the script on this page is executing too long. Nice job for a 14 year old..

Equivalent expression in English: Set Notation {0,1}^K Is this a Talmud phrase?

gtr !MaxQuadIndex! ( if defined PiDebug echo.Compare equal goto :EOF ) goto CompareLoop REM $Log: pi.bat,v $REM Revision 1.2 2007/09/06 21:49:15 Don.CrossREM Added time stamps and display of formula.REMREM Revision 1.1 This page is still under construction... There's no way to change the layout as you can with Gourdon's PiFast program. Batch File Commands pause cls goto main :power1 cls echo Square, Cube or any power (by Prof.Pickle) echo.

The percentage is possible but involves ingenuity. Browse other questions tagged batch-file pi or ask your own question. Generated Tue, 31 Jan 2017 18:19:29 GMT by s_wx1221 (squid/3.5.23) Step 1: The code @if defined talk (echo on) else (echo off)setlocal EnableDelayedExpansionecho.pi.bat - By Don Cross - http://cosinekitty.comset /a NumQuads = 30set /a MaxQuadIndex = NumQuads - 1echo.echo.%time% -

PiFast33 by Xavier Gourdon. if %do%== a goto add if %do%== A goto add if %do%== b goto sub if %do%== B goto sub if %do%== c goto div if %do%== C goto div if There are twelve different digit-lengths to choose from (see below). Write a haiku-w detector What exactly does Great Weapon Fighting allow you to reroll?

Incorrect LuaTeX ligatures Why do universities require international students to show language proficiency? harsh, much?I hate to sound all stuck up myself, but for the sake of simplicity, here's a metaphor - The parents of bird's push out their younglings in order for them What code is in the image? * Enter the characters shown in the image. more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info developer jobs directory mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture

What are the measurable prerequisites of strength and/or flexiblity for starting to climb in a climbing gym? more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed set /p no1="num1. " echo * set /p no2="num2. " set /a sum=no1*no2 echo ------------ echo %sum% echo. I suggest remodeling it in this fashion: "5>(start)code "start" is used to start an external program.
In fact, you might want to revise most of your explanations as almost all of

Especially if you have an older CPU and not much memory! echo To open Prof.Pickle's instrutable's profile type 'I'. echo Enter the specified alphabet to continue.. Download a .bat to .exe converter to do this; one can be found here - ]]>]]>  Tweet Add new comment 16509 reads Comments cool :) Submitted by mishuk on Wed, 16/05/2012

You ca

echo n type 'exit' to exit.

echo Type 'help2' for page 2.

echo ------- page 01 of 02 --

echo Press any key to return.

pause > nul

goto main



echo ------------------------

echo ========= Help =========

echo ------------------------


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