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what the heck... FIrst you go to this link;en-us;812340 do exactly as it says and the rundll32.exe will work for a while . Webgrrl rundll32 was constantly running and slowing down everything I tried doing, avast antivirus recognized it as virus and several spyware programs recommended to delete it. Thanks to John's input here, I was able to test it to make sure it was a legit RUNDLL32 action.

many i delele, some i cant do a thing with. Does anyone have any advice, It cannot get past Bios - can I do anything from there? If rundll32.exe is located in a subfolder of "C:\Program Files", the security rating is 39% dangerous. There used to be a rundll.exe program that was for 16-bit dlls.

This means running a scan for malware, cleaning your hard drive using 1cleanmgr and 2sfc/scannow, 3uninstalling programs that you no longer need, checking for Autostart programs (using 4msconfig) and enabling Windows' If rundll32.exe is located in a subfolder of the user's profile folder, the security rating is 59% dangerous. This article is part of our ongoing series explaining various processes found in Task Manager, like svchost.exe, dwm.exe, ctfmon.exe, mDNSResponder.exe, conhost.exe, Adobe_Updater.exe, and many others. Don't know what those services are?

Browse other questions tagged windows dll rundll32 or ask your own question. I decided to just restore my system image. Daniel "Dtoolman" this dll file runs my cpu usage up to a 100%!!!! when i check my processes it runs on 100% Blabla once deleted it has a back up file to add to the start up undeteted so that it puts a lock

If you see 'rundll32.exe' (similar but not exact / multiple processes) that are eating your memory than you should do one of the following: 1) Use System Restore (although this might July 4, 2011 Dipesh rundll.exe comes in picture when only i try to start game. Why? Clients have had problems accessing Control Panel etc.

JPac Some users or should i say malicious users, are using this prog to initiate unwanted dlls. However the only DLLs that you can call with the rundll.exe and rundll32.exe files are the ones that are only specified to be accessed by these processes. Peter, Denmark This is from Microsoft used to run DLL(W/c code is EXE) as an EXE It will not harm anyone if and if some1 planted a dangerous program and LAUNCHED Would this make either of those i found trojans?

cannot find rundll32exe.. Check if this pad or file name is correct and if all neccessary libraries are available. I had to end the process many of time right click on the process and also end the tree try it it will work. but I can't help but feel it is as I have 2 of them and my bro has 4!

this is a system file used to exit from windows. On my system, three run under my username in the task manager. zap If running it allows full screen pop-ups. This executable is a valid part of Windows, and normally shouldn't be a threat.

The problem with rundll32.exe is that it can easily run a process that's secretly malware. What should I do? :S or was it perhaps a virus? there were many pf files though in the preface folder which i deleted and a few otherrundll32exe applications in other folders, including windows matt This is a vital program belonging to I backed up all files I needed just in case.

Many programs use RunDLL to execute detatched processes. Many users never witness errors with this file. Finally, the rundll32.exe file exits.We strongly recommend that you run a FREE registry scan to identify rundll32.exe related errors.Other instances of RUNDLL32.EXE:1) rundll32.exe is a process registered as a backdoor vulnerability

I had deleted this file because spyware use this.

i had a problem like this rundll32.exe too.. dave - uk it allways comes out when i turn my computer on Tony R. I think it was being used by spyware on my laptop. Only when you know which nasty programs to look for can you confirm that rundll32.exe is running them.

other activation loader made by microsoft itself and because it is only a loader its also activate the malware in it. Displays battery status information on an IBM Thinkpad "LoadPowerProfile" definitely not required. When conflicts arise on the profile or with the file, the application may be unable to transmit data between the necessary files. It turned out to be connected to nView from my display adapter install.

Rundll32.exe is located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. Moniker This file comes with windows, but it can sometimes get infected. The file has two versions - a 16-bit and a 32-bit DLL file. It is not a virus/worm, as many of the people who have poor knowlege of Windows who posted here would have you believe....

This is legit. Simon849 it is constantly slowing down my computer and i have to end the process every time I turn on my computer Jill rundll and Rundll32 are not normal for windows The file is a Microsoft signed file. jason Its part of the Nvidia video card.

This may solve the issue with the LogiLDA.dll file. Nothing to be afraid of here, needed to run the PC in good shape.

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